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Specializing in areas of national defense, national security issues, cyberspace theory, space operations, and aerospace technology.​

Supporting the needs of government, business, and academe for education and training development and delivery, strategic planning, independent technical review and evaluation, and workshop and conference development and delivery.

In addition to its support of U.S. Army War College activities, Kepler Strategies LLC has supported conferences and training programs in the United States and internationally including the NATO Cyber Conflict Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, NATO Future Force Conference in Prague, Czech and Marshall Center-sponsored programs in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

For 2018, Kepler Strategies LLC is conducting two research projects for the U.S. Army War College Strategies Studies Program under its External Research Associate Program:

1. United States Cyber Command: Implications for Operational Structure Changes

2. U.S. Army's Evolving Roles Involving Nuclear Weapons


Kepler Strategies LLC was established in July 2012 with its office in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   

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Aerospace - Cyberspace - National Security

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